Nepal is regarded as one of the most amazing places on the globe for Trekking. It is located between India and Tibet. Nepal has her natural beauty, cultural heritage, Pagodas, beautiful Himalayan Mountains with earths's highest Peaks.

Reward yourself by the endless options of an adventure holiday exploring Nepal tours, trekking, peak climbs, mountaineering and whitewater rafting in rivers such as the Karnali or the Bhote Khotsi.

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Nepal is a Trekkers Paradise with some of the most specatacular trekking routes and scenery in the world.

Whilst Trekking in Nepal you can experience the Annapurna Circuit / ABC, Everest base camp, Langtan and other popular Himlayan Mountain Trekking.

You can also visit Sarangkot for Spectacular Sunrise Views of Annapurna. Its only 30 mins by bus from Pokhara town. After staying overnight in Sarangkot, you can paraglide down to the Pokhara lakeside and enjoy a day relazing on Phewa lake in a rowing boat or kayak.